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Devaney's Bakery


Lemax Caddington Village Collection, Devaneys Bakery. No. 35793

BRAND NEW in original boxes Lemax House. Caddington Village, light up house, comes complete with light and plug in adaptor, the light fits into the back of the house to light it up.

* Year Released: 2003
* Made of: Porcelain
* Dimensions: (HxWxD: 143mm x 189mm x 107mm
* With 1.83m cord (6 feet)
* ON / OFF switch

Start building your Christmas village now, The Christmas Hut has a great selection for you to choose from, see our other listings.

The spirit of the season is on display throughout the village! Every home and business is decorated with twinkling lights & colourful wreaths. Neighbours carrying brightly wrapped gifts pause to share holiday greetings.

Spare bulbs are avaliable, you can also get a light cord which will light up 6 houses with one plug, so great if you dont want cords everywhere.

This may be your first piece of LEMAX, you will love it and can add slowly to it with Sights and Sounds, Caddington Village, Harvest Crossing, Vail Village, Plympouth Corners, accessories, facades, table accents, figurines,lighted accessories, trees, backdrops and landscaping.

No matter where you display your LEMAX pieces, be creative! As your collection will undoubtedly grow over the years, so will your ideas for your display.

Let your creativity shine through! The fun of displaying LEMAX collectibles is being able to express your own taste. Its easy, and as you add pieces to your display you begin to create a true village atmosphere.

You'll be amazed at the beauty of your village as you bring all the elements together. Begin your display with a LEMAX building as a centre piece, then surround it with accessories such as trees and people. Add a small, related group of coordinated houses and buildings, then place additional trees, lights and villagers.


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