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Messages For Christmas

Lilliput Lane

Lilliput Lane - Messages For Christmas

BRAND NEW Just arrived in store for your Christmas festive season.

Lilliput Lane - Messages For Christmas is beautifully designed. This gift is ideal for birthdays or other occasions. A beautiful example of the elegancy of Lilliput Lane's products. Lilliput Lane are well-known for their quality which is again present in this product. Buy Lilliput Lane - Messages For Christmas now as a unique gift.

Lilliput Lane - Messages For Christmas - Features:
* Product Item Number: L3462
* Product type: Cadeau artikelen
* Gift Boxed
* Height of Tree: 20cm
* Made in England

Lilliput Lane is a wonderful collection of miniature ornaments that captures the best of Britain's classic architecture in amazing detail. Each piece is a colourful, intricate homage to the landmarks that they represent. The Lilliput Lane collection has gained global recognition for its authenticity and detail.


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