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Royal Mail Devon

Dept 56-"Dickens Series"

Royal Mail Devon

Dimensions: 6.22in H x 3.78in W x 5.12in L 

Department 56# 4025258

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In 1516 Henry Vlll created the office of Master of the Post established to move royal documents around the country. By the 1700's the post had continued to evolve to systematize the logistics of mail and was of some use to the upper classes. Not until the Victorian Age was a universal stamp available to all subjects. The ''Penny Black'' revolutionized mail for the common man and greatly increased the volume of mail to be moved. To this end, the Royal Mail built rail cars and contracted with ship builders to lease space for mail traveling abroad. The prefix of ''RMS'' was added to many ships owned by both the White Star Line and Cunard. Perhaps the most famous ship bearing the post office prefix was the RMS Titanic. To hold more modest amounts of letters, the Victorians created the red ''Pillar Box'' which we see on our Royal Post.


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