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How to tie a Christmas Bow

Beautiful Bows! What is the best way to tie a bow? is one of the most frequently asked questions in our shop. So we thought we would let you in on a few secrets to this fabulous art form! Follow the simple steps below and youll be turning every piece of ribbon you see into a beautiful bow! ...

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The Advent Adventure!

Advent is an amazing time of year filled with anticipation and preparation. The 24 days before Christmas are almost as special as Christmas Day itself. So lets ditch the Chocolate Advent Calendar and make something more amazing and special for your family this Christmas. Below are ...

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Light up your Christmas !

There is no better way to make your house sparkle at Christmas than using lights everywhere! Indoors and outdoors, large and small. There is such a huge variety so how do you choose? Below are some helpful tips on which lights for where and how to use them   Outdoor ...

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The Magical Elf!

This amazing little fellow arrives at your house on December 1st with a note from Santa explaining why he is here. He is one of Santas special Elves who are sent out to watch over children all day to check their behaviour. He magically travels back to Santa every night to report wether that child has ...

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Christmas Traditions

Other Traditions to Try& Are you looking for yet more excitement in the build up to Christmas? Try starting one or more of these lovely Christmas traditions& - Frame the Santa photos. Get out all those lovely photos of the kids with ...

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How to decorate your tree

Tree Tricks that Sparkle! Setting up your tree is one of the most exciting Christmas traditions. Sometimes it can also be the most daunting! We have learnt over the years that there is a definite process to achieve the best results.   So here are a few ways to make sure your tree looks ...

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