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The Magical Elf!

June 7th 2016

This amazing little fellow arrives at your house on December 1st with a note from Santa explaining why he is here. He is one of Santas special Elves who are sent out to watch over children all day to check their behaviour. He magically travels back to Santa every night to report wether that child has been naughty or nice.

THE RULES: There are a few rules to keep your elf from loosing his magical powers.

  1.  You need to name your elf for his magical powers to begin working.

  2.  He is not to be touched by Human hands! If he is then he will loose his powers and not be able to report back to Santa.

  3.  If the childs behaviour is too bad then the elf is called back to Santa and will not return the next day.

  4.  Any notes or parcels he brings are allowed to be touched but NOT the elf itself.

THE FUN PART: Each day when the elf returns he is found in a different place/room. He might be in the bathroom to check to see if youre brushing your teeth, or in the car to make sure you put your seat belt on

To begin with, its fun to just have him pop up in unexpected places (out of reach!) but as you get through the month he might begin to get a bit more adventurous! Below is a short list of ideas to get you started. Its a good idea to have a calendar of ideas ready so you can plan ahead.


  • Having a tea party with your other toys

  • Decorating your Christmas Tree

  • Swinging from lights

  • Doing some baking

  • Making snow Angels

  • Writing messages in snow

  • Playing trucks and diggers

  • Playing a board game

  • Wrapping your tree/decorations in Toilet paper

  • A candy cane flying fox

  • Riding your reindeer

  • Cleaning out the fire ready for Santa

  • Getting stuck in the lolly jar

  • Setting the table for breakfast

  • Wrapping the front door in gift wrap


Santa picks up your elf on Christmas Eve and takes him back to the north pole. So thats the last youll see if him until next year.

Have fun with it! Get creative and take photos! Your kids will love it! We would love to see your ideas too so share them with us on Facebook