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How to decorate your tree

June 7th 2016

Tree Tricks that Sparkle!

Setting up your tree is one of the most exciting Christmas traditions. Sometimes it can also be the most daunting! We have learnt over the years that there is adefinite process to achieve the best results.   So here are a few ways to make sure your tree looks it glittering best this Christmas&


*    Fluffing! It is very importantto spend some time fluffing your tree once you have set it up and before it has anything on it. This is the foundation for a full, symmetrical tree. Start from the bottom by staggering your main boughs (one slightly raised the next slightly lowered) and spreading the branches in a randomfashion.


*    Thickening: If your tree is alittle thin, one of the simplest ways you can make it look fuller is by wrapping a 6ft greenery garland all the way up the main trunk.


*    Lights: Uncoil you lights and wrapthem around your shoulder. Put the power pack in your pocket to keep the weight off them. Work with the lights on. Start nearest the power supply and work your way zig zagging up the tree. Stand back and look to see if there are any gaps.


*    Filling: It is important tofill your tree before the decorations go on. Great fillers could be:     

*    Flowers stems and picks

*    Greenery stems

*    Other garlands&coloured, frosted, berries, cones

*    Bows and ribbons

*    Glitter net



*    Decorations: If your tree isstill a little sparse, start by using larger plain baubles deeper into the boughs of the tree. This gives your tree depth. Then begin with your larger more decorative items placed diagonally from each other on the outer branches. Fill in between these with smaller and smallerdecorations.

Remember the rule 1,3,5,7 all decorations look best in odd numbers.


*    Topper: There are so manywonderful things you can put on top of a tree, so get creative! Try&Stars, Angels, Reindeer, Santa or Elf Hats, Flowers, Bows, Elf legs, Soft Santa, Cheeky Elf, Snowman, Words.


*    Skirt: To finish off any tree itis important to hide its feet. There are many different tree skirts available or you could try&greenery, fabric, a pair of Santas boots, a wicker basket or even Grandmas fur coat!