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How to tie a Christmas Bow

June 7th 2016

Beautiful Bows!

What is the best way to tie a bow? is one of the mostfrequently asked questions in our shop. So we thought we would let you in on a few secrets to this fabulous art form! Follow the simple steps below and youll be turning every piece of ribbon you see into a beautiful bow!



1.      Start with an 80cm length of wire edged ribbon. Make this longer if you would like longer tails. Make a large loop like in photo 1 assessing the length of the tails.



2.      Pull the centre top of the loop down on top of the overlapped piece. Make sure all right sides are showing on top.




3.      Pinch and gather slightly the centre of the bow and the tails beneath. Using a short piece of wire, wrap this around the area pinched and twist at the back to secure. If you are planning on adding more bows or greenery to this one use a longer length of wire.



4.      Trim tails across the diagonal of the ribbon to stop them fraying. Fluff, puff and fiddle with it until you are happy with the shape.


Benefits of Wired Ribbon: Using wire edged ribbon makes your bow easier to handle, shape andreshape. It is strong and can be stored flat then puffed up when needed. Use a good sharp pair of scissors for cutting and trimming the tails.


Tail length: Decide before you cut how long you need your tails to be. If you would like them tocurl add a little extra length. Always cut longer than you think you need&you can always trim!


Trimming Tails: It is very important to trim the tails correctly so as to prevent fraying. Alwayscut on the diagonal. You can use a single cut like this   /   or a double cut, by folding the ribbon length ways and cutting like this   /    you will get this effect   ^


Layering: Once you have your basic bow you can layer it to create a bigger, more interesting bow.Layering ideas include: several bows wired together, numerous tails, greenery, picks or flowers behind, adding another colour ribbon.


Decorative Uses&

Bows are so very versatile in any decorative display. We particularly like using themon:

*    Trees, to fill gaps and thicken the look of the tree.

*    Tree toppers. One large bow or many smaller ones all wired together.

*    Wreaths. Wire to the top and wrap the long tails around the wreath.

*    Table displays. Very good for thickening a centrepiece. They look beautiful with flowers and greenery.

*    Gift wrapping. Go crazy here! Bigger is ALWAYS better!

*    Door knob decoration. Hang a bow and bells from a door knob as a chime.


Dont forget bows are great all year around to add a bit of fancy to your life! Perfect forweddings (around chairs, ends of pews, table displays, ceremony archways), birthdays, Easter and Valentines&so not just for shoes!


Have fun with it, mix colours, flowers, greenery even butterflies&we would love to see yourcreations. Send us a photo on facebook or