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Light up your Christmas !

June 7th 2016

There is no better way to make your house sparkle at Christmas than using lights everywhere! Indoors and outdoors, large and small. There is such a huge variety so how do you choose? Below are some helpful tips on which lights for where and how to use them



Transparent Cords: One of the most important things to remember when buying outdoor lights is to choose ones with transparent cords. These attract way less damaging UV light than black or coloured cords, therefore making your outdoor lights last a lot longer, season after season.

Cord Length: When choosing lights always look at the cord length stated on the packaging. Its better to have the longest cord length you can get than the amount of lights. Some packaging also tells you how much length you have between the last light and the plug&the longer the better!


Great options for Outdoor lights:


        *        Rope lights in various lengths and colours

        *        Icicle lights that hang from verandas and eves.

        *        Fire cracker and chasing lights

        *        Solar sets

        *        Full bulb party lights (the best ones are actually LEDs inside standard bulbs!)







Using lights in different, creative ways can add so much sparkle to your home. Here are a few unique ways to go about lighting up your Christmas&


        *        Fill glass jars or cloches with battery operated seed lights and place around your home.

        *        Placing a chrystal bowl over a bundle of seed lights has amazing effects on a sideboard.

        *        Running strings of lights through garlands on a mantle or down a stair banister.

        *        Light up your front door wreath with battery operated seed lights.

        *        Adding a Christmas lamppost to a newel post or entrance hall is very welcoming

        *        Red or white lights draped over a large Santa gives him a magical glow.

        *        Run seed lights through your nativity set to add a sense of celebration.

        *        Clip LED candles to the branches of your tree for a European Christmas tree effect.

        *        Hang any type of string lights vertically from your tree for a different effect

        *        Create a light up Lemax village on a side table or mantle


Other great options for indoor lights:


*    Rope lights in various lengths and colours

*    Fairy lights

*    Seed lights (small but strong)

*    Fibre optic trees and strings of lights

*    Christmas themed night lights

*    Fabulous, party style, laser lights

*    Rotating ball lights

*    Icicles

*    Chasing lights

*    Decorative string lights: Stars, angels, baubles

*    Clip on candles

*    LED magnets to light up the kitchen!

*    Lemax villages

There are so many fun things to try with lights. The options are endless. So get creative and give it a try. Send us photos of your results on Facebook or our website.