Smoker Santa Silver

German Smoker,  Santa Claus Grey

These gorgeous Smokers are made in Germany, they come with 3 incense triangles, you can purhase more.

height is  20cm

German Smoking Men (Räuchermänner) 
During the early to mid-1600s, it was commonly believed that evil spirits came out on “Die Rauhnächte, or “Raunacht” (the longest night of the year), close to the Christmas holidays. Noise and light was said to drive away these evil spirits and protect the people inside the home. One tradition that developed as a part of this, and as an extension of Christian religious practices, was the burning of incense to bless German homes. At first, incense was simply burned on a tin plate, but as the tradition developed, people thought of more inventive ways to offer their blessing.

The “Smoking Man” became a decorative and common way to burn incense. Hollowed-out figurines were created that came apart at the middle and held a tin plate inside to hold incense. When the incense was lit and placed on the plate, smoke would curl out of a hole carved in the mouth to resemble a man smoking a pipe.

The first Smoking Men were carved to resemble people who could be found around any local village, such as bakers and other tradespeople. As the figures evolved, they were limited only to the creators’ imaginations, and today can be found in many styles and variations, especially Christmas themes such as Santa Claus and snowmen.